DX1 Release January 9 2023

Here are some highlights of the next DX1 Release scheduled for Monday January 9th

At the end of every year we spend several weeks updating, cleaning up and optimizing the behind the scenes systems that power DX1, so while there are not many feature changes in this release there was a lot of work done to make DX1 better.


E-Payment Optimizations - We released this feature in October and quite a few of you have already taken advantage of it.  In this release we have made some changes to optimize the process of applying the E-Payment to the invoice.  Now, when you request an E-Payment you will be prompted to specify the Cashier Station, Method of Payment and the Unit if it is for a MU Deal. Because this information is now specified up front DX1 is able to automatically apply that payment to the invoice as soon as your customer enters their credit card details.  This eliminated the need for you to manually apply each payment.

Help Doc

So take a look and as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact DX1 Support at dx1support@dx1app.com or 1.877.944.6766.

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