DX1 Release November 2022

Here are some highlights of the next DX1 Release scheduled for Monday November 14th


Allocate Special Order Parts - Allocating special order parts to open purchase orders can be an important strategy for making sure your customers receive their parts as soon as possible.  On the ordering screen, DX1 now highlights in orange any SO part that is already on order and allows you to quickly allocate that part to the existing PO.

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Gift Cards - Gift Cards are a great way to improve customer retention and to increase overall dealership revenue.  DX1 now offers a fully integrated Gift Card solution for all DMS dealers, no terminals are required and everything can be done right in the browser.  

Setup instructions can be found here

If you hurry you can get your cards in time for the holiday season.

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In-Stock Button

Introducing a new setting for an In-Stock indicator on Showroom pages that takes the website visitor directly to in-stock models from the Model Showroom page.

New Slideshow Sort Option

DX1 Slideshow has a new setting so you can prioritize multiple OEM spotlight promotions to display in alternating first positions.

OEM Updates

Added options for managing the default display listing of OEM promotions on your website.  There is even a Manufacturers Custom Order option where you can drag and drop OEM promotions in the order you want them displayed on your website.  Increased options for the website visitor as well to sort OEM promotions by Manufacturer, Start and End dates.

Email Link

For all DX1 dealers who have been upgraded to our final email provider, there is now a quick link under the DX1 Dashboard User menu that will take you to the Email login.

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