DX1 Release September 2022

Here are some highlights of the next DX1 Release scheduled for the weeks of September 12th and 19th, 2022


New Style Service Invoice List - We have now transitioned 100% to the new invoice list style, referred to as “Active Invoices” in the Service Sales left navigation menu. This replaces the previous Work Estimate and Repair Order pages in the left navigation menu. You will find new drop down options in the Active Invoices search criteria. In this drop down you can decide to view Work Estimates, Repair Orders, or as a new feature, you can select to see All invoice types. 

+ New DX1 Tab -  In the navigation section of the DX1 dashboard, we have now added a button labeled “+ New DX1 Tab” that allows you to easily open a new DX1 tab in a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, both browsers supported by DX1.

So take a look and as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact DX1 Support at dx1support@dx1app.com or 1.877.944.6766.

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