Here are some highlights of the next DX1 Release scheduled for the week of June 13th, 2022

Service Enhancements Phase 2
- We have continued with our efforts to enhance and optimize the Service Workflows in DX1, here is what we have done:

Internal Messenger - Allows direct real time communication between all DX1 users within an organization, this should really improve communication and traceability of communication between departments.  
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Completed Job Date & Reports - When you complete a Job you can now specify the specific date it was completed, this enables much more accurate service reporting, we have added the following Completed Job reports:
- Detailed
- Totals by Service Writer
- Part Totals by Parts Salesperson
- Technician Hours
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F&I Unit Status and Notifications - Gives you the ability to add and or see F&I products sold with or after a unit sale from the Service Invoice and or Grid.  This puts additional critical information at your fingertips when building an RO.
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Standard Job Improvements - You can now copy any existing job to create a new Standard Job, you can now also search for a Standard Job by typing any word in the title.  Both of these should save a lot of time and clicks.
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Service Invoice Notes - to improve accountability all service invoice notes now indicate who created them and when.
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Voided Jobs and Location - to remove clutter, voided jobs no longer show on the invoice detail page but can still be accessed from the left menu.

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