Here are some highlights of the next DX1 Release scheduled for the week of May 9th, 2022

Online Order Import- Payment posting removed. In our last release, we added a new way to import ecommerce orders into DX1 and to generate invoices. In this release we are removing the posting of payment for generated invoices- no more adjusting amounts or adding credits to charge the invoice to the correct method of payment- import the order and enter the payment details your way!


Service Enhancements Phase 1 - Over the next several months we will be focusing our efforts on optimizing the Service module of DX1 based on the many ideas we have received from you.  In this first release we have three exciting enhancements we feel are game changers:

Expandable Service invoice list - The goal with this one was to offer a visually pleasing, fully customizable experience in the Service invoice list, while optimizing navigation across all workflows, this one you have to see to believe but here are a few teasers:

  • Expand the invoice level summary to see all the unit and job details right from the invoice list

  • Full list customization - Show or hide 30+ columns, set column widths and the order you want

  • See if appointments are scheduled and when or even schedule an appointment right from the list

  • Advanced compound search lets you find exactly what you need in seconds

Please note that this feature is available to all of you to review but it is not the default yet, look for the 

“Repair Orders (New)” link in Service Invoicing.  If you would like it to be the default please contact DX1 Support. 

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Job Indicators - The goal here was to give you a fully customizable process for defining the state of each job.  You have full flexibility to define your own list of Job Indicators, pick a color for each and the order you want to display them.  And yes, you can see and update these right from the service invoice list and the invoice job details pages.

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Recurring Customer Notifications - The goal with this one was to give you an automated way to continue to remind your customers about partially or fully received SO invoices that have not been picked up and ROs with all jobs completed that have not been closed.

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And that is just phase 1, we have many more service enhancements coming, stay tuned!

We will be offering two Service Training seminars focused on how to optimize your Service department workflows by taking full advantage of the new features, to sign up click here (5/13 webinar)

Clover Enhancements - For those of you that have already taken advantage of the new Clover credit card processing terminals we have have made two enhancements based on your feedback:

Receipt Count - You can now select how many receipts you would like printed 0, 1 or 2

Terminal Selection - you can now do this from local settings

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