DX1 Release March 2022

Here are some highlights of the next DX1 Release scheduled for the week of March 28th

Marketing Updates:

Online Order Import

View orders from your DX1 ecommerce website and create invoices directly in DX1 without the need to log into another system and perform double data entry or handling spreadsheets. 

  • Search and view your online orders 

  • Create invoice

  • Match or create customer records

  • Match parts on the order with parts from your inventory for accurate ordering and inventory counts

Learn more about this new feature in DX1 Help.

DMS Updates:

Integrated Clover Flex Terminals

DX1 now seamlessly integrates with Clover Flex terminals, a modern, easy to use secure credit card processing solution.  The DX1 Clover integration is fully PCI and EMV compliant and is built based on best practices to prevent fraud.  Unlike Verifone, Clover terminals will work with DX1 in a browser and there are no setup or transition costs to switch to Clover terminals.

Clover Flex terminals offer:

  • Touch screens including signature capture

  • Wireless connectivity (can be used anywhere you have WiFi)

  • Simple setup and configuration process

  • Built-in receipt printer

For more details please contact Melissa Burger with the MIC Bankcard Program at mburger@micbankcard.com or at (678) 819-0152 


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