Marketing/DMS Release February 21st, 2022

Updates / Features in this Release

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Submit an Idea

We have made it easier for you to submit an idea (feature request) directly from any screen in DX1. Simply select the “Submit an Idea” option from the Help menu or DX1 Resources tileset and Submit your ideas and feature request in any areas in DX1. You can also review, comment and like previously submitted ideas by selecting the “Submitted Ideas” option.

Help Article on Submit an Idea


New Custom Button for Web Details and Listings page

You can now create additional custom buttons to display in your website showroom detail and list pages. Custom buttons can be selected to display based on unit conditions and/or manufacturers. To configure,

  • Go to showroom settings.

  • Select a page ( Showroom Detail or Showroom list). 

  • Scroll to the Button Settings to find Custom button option

  • Select the condition and manufacturers from the respective dropdown fields

  • Enter the button label

  • Select the redirect options

    • Page

    • URL

  • To include the VIN, turn “Append VIN toggle” On.

    • This is useful for external links that rely on VIN to render data.

You can add up to 3 custom buttons on the Showroom detail page and up to 1 custom button on the showroom list page.

Direct Lead Links 

We have added direct lead links in lead notification that will take users to the lead detail page directly upon clicking. The Direct Lead Links setting can be found in Lead Management Setting under General Setting.It is set to OFF by default. When turned ON, the lead notification will consist of clickable links that will redirect users to the lead detail page when clicked. If  users do not have a live DX1 session and have to login, upon login, they are redirected to lead details instead of the dashboard.

DX1 Web Fiche Update

We have updated the web fiche to only display models manufactured within the last 20 years. You can restrict this further by changing the setting in the Fiche Setup tile. We hope this change will reduce inquiries and orders on discontinued or otherwise unavailable parts.

 Help Article on DX1 Web Fiche Setting

Shift - BMW Lead Disclaimer / Preferred Method of Contact

We will begin sending leads to Shift Digital for enrolled BMW dealers. As a part of the program requirement, we have made changes to the lead forms for BMW units  to include preferred method of contact fields and additional disclaimers.


BRP Service Bulletins

We have integrated with BRP to utilize a new BRP API that allows dealers to be notified if there are Recalls and Service Bulletins for a unit.This allows us  to look up the service history, recalls and bulletins for BRP units in real time when the unit is added to the RO and alert you if there is an unclaimed service bulletin. This feature will keep you alerted to all unclaimed bulletins and save you time as you will no longer need to log into BOSSWeb to obtain this information.

Help Article on BRP Service Bulletins

PO Export for Stihl NE and NW

We have added the option to Export Parts Orders for Stihl Northeast in Parts ordering. 

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Polaris/Digitas Tagging Phase 2

  • Fixed SEO content module not loading full URL.

  • Fixed Error - Post Planner/DeleteSchedule

  • Made Listing Inventory Grids responsive


  • Service / Parts - Fixed an issue where discount entire invoice function was not working

  • Vendor Returns - Fixed an issue where down arrow next to the add button within Vendor Return not working properly

  • Parts Reporting - Fixed an issue where Parts Adjustment history report was showing Last Received cost, not Default Dealership cost

  • Fixed and issue where parts for newly created private catalogs (after deauthorizing public catalog) were not loaded to the All Fields search index correctly


  • BMW 2022 Financial Statement Changes


  • Changed “Note” to “Notes” in the Customer General Information Tab

  • Added mobile Link to the DX1 Help menu

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2022-02-21

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